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Why Greensboro?

With the recent announcement of our expansion into downtown Greensboro, people are often asking what led us to this market, out of the Triangle area and into the Triad. As with any business decision, there’s more factors that led us here than you probably care to hear – but we will tell you that we’re stoked to be here!

As we continue getting to know the city of Greensboro, meet our soon-to-be neighbors and visit area businesses, we have to admit… we’re falling in love. Despite the city’s ongoing growth, it appears that local residents and businesses alike have been able to maintain this city’s very distinct vibe. There’s a certain mesh of modern art and history that seem to be a forefront of Greensboro’s culture – and we’re digging it.

As we eat, drink and shop our way through the streets of downtown Greensboro, we find that our list of places to visit isn’t getting any shorter. For every spot we check off the list, we seem to add three more! Here are just a few of our favorite local spots (so far!) in downtown Greensboro…

Gibbs Hundred Brewing

We love NC and its growing number of craft beer bars and brewers, and we’re stoked for our Greensboro bar to neighbor one of the greats: Gibbs Hundred Brewing. From their Milk Stout to their Rye IPAs, we can see our future – and it includes rivers of Gibbs beer.

Just Be

Shopping local has made a huge comeback in NC Triangle and Triad areas over the last year, and we’re grateful to see shops like Just Be thriving in their downtown Greensboro location. We love browsing their endless supply of unique gifts and trinkets, and we’re pretty certain you will too.

Green Bean

Working to open the doors to our Greensboro bar and arcade requires a lot of manpower and endless hours of preparation, which sometimes leaves us feigning for fuel. We find ourselves frequently fueling up at The Green Bean, which offers a variety of quick eats and espresso-packed drinks to keep us going.

The Table

We almost missed this charming little bakery, tucked into an alleyway on the main drag of downtown Greensboro – but we’re glad we didn’t! The Table has a number of tasty baked treats and their outdoor seating area has become a favorite afternoon hangout. (Try the feta and sun dried tomato croissant – you won’t regret it!)

Greensboro HQ

This falls into a slightly different category, but we feel it’s worth a mention. With having had just a couple meetings at the Greensboro HQ, we quickly noticed the attention to detail in this place – which is unparamounted. It’s warm, welcoming and full of friendly faces – of which we hope to see a lot more of once we open our doors this fall!

We still have a lot of exploring to do in downtown Greensboro, having not yet popped into many of our neighboring businesses, such as Table 16, we’re looking forward to the re-opening of PBandJava this summer… and we keep hearing about these Cheesecakes?

What are your favorite go-to spots in downtown Greensboro? Find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @BoxcarGSO or contact us here to let us know which Greensboro bars, restaurants, shops and venues we should hit up next!

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