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The Year I Was Born: The Most Popular Video Game, Board Game & Toy From 1975-2000

The Internet. Sure, it’s pretty great. Infinite knowledge, entertainment and cat memes with the click of a mouse. In today’s day and age, we’re used to instant gratification, two-day free shipping and same-day delivery.

But do you remember the rush you’d get as a kid when you finally got that new game or toy to play with? Your parents had to drive you to an actual toy store, wait in line, and hope beyond hope that what you wanted was still in stock (and lots of times it wasn’t). There was something so magical about peeling the plastic off of a new toy that you had waited forever for.

We thought we’d help you relive some of that magic by researching the most popular video games, board games and toys throughout the years. Enjoy this trip down memory lane from 1975 to 2000.

The Year I Was Born


Video Game: Gun Fight

Board Game: Pay Day

Toy: Pet Rock


Video Game: Breakout

Board Game: Whosit?

Toy: Skateboard


Video Game: Zork

Board Game: Electronic Battleship

Toy: Atari 2600


Video Game: Space Invaders

Board Game: Simon

Toy: Hungry Hungry Hippos


Video Game: Asteroids

Board Game: Guess Who?

Toy: Baby Alive Doll


Video Game: Pac-Man

Board Game: Can’t Stop

Toy: Rubiks Cube


Video Game: Donkey Kong

Board Game: Trivial Pursuit

Toy: Strawberry Shortcake Doll


Video Game: Pitfall!

Board Game: Sequence

Toy: Glo Worm


Video Game: Dragon’s Lair

Board Game: Topple

Toy: Cabbage Patch Kids


Video Game: Tetris

Board Game: Balderdash

Toy: My Little Pony


Video Game: Super Mario Bros.

Board Game: Pictionary

Toy: Pound Puppies


Video Game: The Legend of Zelda

Board Game: Fireball Island

Toy: Popples


Video Game: Final Fantasy

Board Game: Jenga

Toy: Teddy Ruxpin


Video Game: Super Mario Bros. 3

Board Game: Mall Madness

Toy: Nintendo Entertainment System


Video Game: SimCity

Board Game: Taboo

Toy: Game Boy


Video Game: Super Mario World

Board Game: Crocodile Dentist

Toy: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Video Game: Sonic the Hedgehog

Board Game: Atmosfear

Toy: Sega Genesis


Video Game: Mortal Kombat

Board Game: Terrace

Toy: Barney Stuffed Animal


Video Game: Doom

Board Game: Dead End Drive

Toy: Talkboy Cassette Player and Recorder


Video Game: Donkey Kong Country

Board Game: Pylos

Toy: Pogs


Video Game: Chrono Trigger

Board Game: Catan (aka: The Settlers of Catan)

Toy: Sky Dancer


Video Game: Pokémon Red and Blue

Board Game: Loaded Questions

Toy: Tickle Me Elmo


Video Game: Final Fantasy VII

Board Game: Primordial Soup

Toy: Tamagotchi


Video Game: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Board Game: Cranium

Toy: Beanie Babies


Video Game: Super Smash Bros.

Board Game: Apples to Apples

Toy: Furby


Video Game: The Sims

Board Game: Carcassonne

Toy: Razor Scooter


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