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That’s a wrap!

As we prepare to bring in the new year, we find ourselves beaming as we reflect back on 2017. Not only was this a year of expansion and growth, but we’re entering the new year with full hearts and more memories that will last a lifetime. None of this would be possible without the ongoing…
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Tips & tricks to get the most out of your visit!

Whether you’re visiting us for the first-time or you’re already a beloved Boxcar regular, we’ll bet there’s at least one thing on this list that’s new to you. Check out these sometimes little-known tid-bits to get the most out of your next visit to Boxcar Bar + Arcade in Raleigh!
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Why Greensboro?

With the recent announcement of our expansion into downtown Greensboro, people are often asking what led us to this market, out of the Triangle area and into the Triad. As with any business decision, there’s more factors that led us here than you probably care to hear – but we will tell you that we’re…
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A Guide to Boxcar Bar + Arcade

What’s there to do at Boxcar Bar + Arcade? The upcoming Boxcar Bar in Greensboro will mirror our Raleigh bar + arcade in a number of ways. Both locations are (and will be) home to classic and modern arcade games and pinball machines, skee ball, air hockey, Nintendo game systems and more. The Greensboro location,…
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