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If the Mario Bros Drank Alcohol, This is What They’d Drink

After a long day of breaking bricks, mushing mushrooms and collecting coins, you know Mario and the gang would be kicking back with their alcoholic beverage of choice IRL. Here’s what we think would be the refreshing go-to of choice for our favorite, classic characters:

Mario – PBR

Mario is a salt-of-the-earth kind of guy. A plumber who has to go above and beyond the normal call of duty each day, he likes to kick back with a classic, no-frills beer. PBR is simple and sturdy, plus the colors perfectly match his wardrobe.

Luigi – Pinot Noir

While he is taller than his fraternal twin, Luigi tends to be more timid and nervous than Mario. He’d be happy to share a beer with his brother, but when he’s really looking to unwind, he appreciates the balance of a quality pinot noir. His favorites are the Italian varieties. Fun fact: in Italy, Pinot noir is known as Pinot nero.

Yoshi – Cherry Tart Cider

To be honest, we’re not sure if Yoshi is old enough to drink. But if he is, we could definitely see him sipping on a semi-sweet cider, like the Cherry Tart Cider from Bull City Ciderworks.

Princess Peach – Fuzzy Navel

Light, bright and refreshing, just like the Princess herself! This drink is a crowd pleaser that contains orange juice and (of course) peach schnapps. Come on, this one was a given.

Toad – Allagash White or Blue Moon

While some people may think Toad is child-like, we think he’s just a happy, go-lucky guy who ages really well. His sunny personality carries through to his favorite type of beer: a cold, refreshing wheat beer, preferably enjoyed on a patio during a warm spring day – with a slice of orange. You do you, Toad.

Bowser – Fireball Whisky

Bowser is big. He’s bold. And he straight up spits fire (no, not like a rapper, like legitimate fire). He walks up to the bar, orders two fireball shots, knocks them back and then looks around. He never asks for the shots to be chilled. Ever.

Do you agree with these pairings? What other classic characters can you perfectly pair with their go-to beverage? Use #SpiritsOfMario to let us know!

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