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The 5 Most Common Pupster Personalities

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been impatiently waiting for the weather to finally warm up so you can soak in the sun and enjoy a frothy cold one at our new patio bar. Well it looks like springtime might have finally decided to grace us with her presence! Grab your sunglasses, tank tops, rompers and romphims – it’s patio drinking season.

No good patio bar is complete without a variety of pettable pups. We absolutely love our gang of regular patio pooches and encourage you to bring your best furry friends along with you when you come to hang out!

Now, every dog has their own unique personality, but we’ve noticed a few common personality traits in our regular pupsters, which we’ve neatly categorized for your reading pleasure (you’re welcome):

The Chill One

This dog is always on island-time. He’s as cool as a cucumber, and just lays by his owners feet without a care in the world. Another dog walks by? That’s cool. A kid walks up to pet him? That’s cool. There are very few things that he will bother to lift his head for. Sometimes The Chill Ones can also become “The Chill Roadblocks,” laying right in the aisle making everyone step over them. That’s cool.


The Tiny Alarm System

The exact opposite of The Chill Ones. These dogs tend to be small and super alert. They notice absolutely everything…and then they want to tell you about it. You won’t be able to miss their high-pitched barking every other minute, and that’s exactly the way they want it.


The Begging Buddy

Also known as the “I’ll have what you’re having.” They truly believe that sharing is caring, and expect anyone and everyone to share their popcorn. They can often be found staring deep into your soul, willing you to drop a spare kernel – and if that doesn’t work, they’ll try the same thing on the next passerby.


The Clueless Youngster

He’s a puppy, he’s just been adopted, and he has no idea what’s going on. He’s enjoying the constant pets he’s getting, but also there’s so many sounds and smells he can’t concentrate on anyone or anything. Is this scary? Is this fun? He can’t decide. He kind of wants to play, kind of wants to eat, kind of wants to walk to the left…no to the right…put me down…actually pick me back up again…ok, nap time. These clueless youngsters are always a crowd favorite.


The Surprise Hello-er

Often times these dogs can be confused with The Chill Ones, but there is a big difference. While it may seem like they’re straight chillin, they are actually sitting under the table, hidden from view, plotting their hello. At some point they will spot a person or dog that they just have to greet, and out of nowhere they will spring from their hiding place to say “HELLO!”. Shock and surprise follows, as no one expected them to launch into action like that. Depending on the size of their surprise, they have been known to score some spilled popcorn amidst the chaos. Clever.


Which category fits your canine’s character? What other poochy personality types have you noticed at your favorite patio bar in Raleigh? Let us know at @BoxcarRAL, and don’t forget to post pics of your pups enjoying their time at Boxcar Bar + Arcade to Instagram, tag us and include #boxcarbowows for a chance to score prizes and see your furry friend’s face featured in our content (yes, like this!).

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