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Lockdown Got You Down? How Playing Video Games Can Help You Cope

Lockdown Got You Down? How Playing Video Games Can Help You Cope

Enjoy this article written by guest blogger, Katlyn Jarman.

Lockdown Got You Down? Here’s How Playing Video Games Can Help You Cope.

The fight against the coronavirus pandemic rages on, and though some countries such as France, Australia, and Germany have gradually relaxed their quarantine rules, life is still far from normal in most parts of the United States. Experts predict that it may take a few more months before millions of people will be able to return to their usual way of life, so for now, everyone has to find ways to keep themselves busy and entertained while staying at home. Learning a new skill and doing chores can help to keep you occupied, but if you want to have fun while on lockdown, why not play some video games for an hour or two everyday? Non-gamers may be surprised to know that gaming isn’t a mindless way to pass the time — the truth is, it can actually help you cope during a difficult situation.

Games help you stay connected with others.

Being on lockdown hasn’t been easy for anyone, and personally, it has made me anxious for my brother who lives alone in another state. Though I know that he’s capable of taking care of himself, I sometimes worry about him being lonely. Thankfully, he’s found a way to cope with isolation by playing multiplayer online games such as Warcraft and The Elder Scrolls. Since playing these games has allowed him to talk to other players online, it’s been a great way for him to stay in touch with friends and it’s also enabled him to make new friends online. Plan on having a set gaming time with your family and friends so you can have fun online and communicate at the same time.

Gaming reminds you of carefree times.

There’s a reason why retro games like Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, and Mortal Kombat are still popular to this day — they make it easy to relive childhood. Moreover, playing retro video games not only allows us to take a walk down memory lane, but it also provides comfort during challenging times. Nostalgia also improves our mental well-being during isolation, so break out the Nintendo or play a classic game online as a form of self-care during the lockdown.

Games can help you to be fit and happy.

Most of us have started exercising indoors as a way to keep fit during the global lockdown. Working on your physical fitness is a productive way to pass the time, and playing exercise games such as Just Dance, EA Sports, Ring Fit Adventure, or Zumba Fitness can help you to have a fit body while blowing off steam inside your home. Playing these fitness video games can also encourage your body to produce endorphins, which will help to boost mood and fight stress.

Playing video games can be an essential part of a daily routine while we wait for the health crisis to end. Make gaming a part of your day and see how much happier and healthier you can be while on lockdown!

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