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How to Spend Your Happy Hour Savings!

Have you checked out your local Boxcar Bar + Arcade’s Happy Hour scene? It’s a little different, and a little awesome.

For every drink you buy during Happy Hour, you’ll receive 2 free game tokens! If you play your tokens right, that could be a full hour of gaming entertainment. Just imagine what you could do with the savings! Here, we’ll do it for you…

Let’s say you and a friend come to our Happy Hour and buy 4 drinks total. With those 4 drinks, you’ll score 8 free arcade tokens. Usually tokens are 4 for a dollar, so in this scenario you’re saving $2.00 on tokens. And those 2 extra dollars can do quite a lot, my friend.

The Best Things to Do with the Money You Save at Boxcar’s Happy Hour

  • Get two whole burgers. Sure they’re going to be from the dollar menu at the closest fast food restaurant, but they’re still burgers. And they’re especially good after a couple of beers. Why not get one for yourself, and one for the nice Uber driver who is taking you on this food detour on the way home.
  • Buy two new bangin’ songs from iTunes. Memorize the lyrics. Impress your friends. Upload a video of you singing it to YouTube. Get discovered. Become the next music sensation. You’re welcome.
  • Treat yo’self to guac. Next time you roll up into that Chipotle line, don’t hesitate to add guacamole to your chicken bowl. Yes, you know it’s an extra $1.95, that’s fine. You saved at Boxcar’s Happy Hour for this moment.
  • Buy some lemonade from the kids up the street. They’re probably selling their watered-down lemonade for $0.50 a cup. Imagine the excitement on their faces when you hand them $2.00 and say “keep the change.” They’ll feel rich.
  • Buy 6 limes. Limes are funny. You either have a ton when you don’t need them, or none when you do. They always seem to be on sale at the grocery store 3 for a dollar, so stock on up with your Happy Hour savings. Might as well get some Corona too. Maybe head to the beach. Ok, this just got a lot more expensive, but at least the limes were free.
  • Ramen. We don’t need to explain this one. It’s good. It’s cheap. You’ll eat it eventually. Ok, it looks like we explained it.
  • Buy some scratch-off lottery tickets. Turn those two dollars you saved during our Happy Hour into $2,000 or more! Now THAT’S what we call a good deal! You’re welcome, and you’re also welcome to split your winnings with us *winky face emoji.*
    • So, these are just a few ideas for what you could do with the money you save by coming to Boxcar Bar + Arcade’s Happy Hour. In addition to saving money, you’ll also just be having some good ‘ol fashion fun. Enjoy good drinks, good company and a great selection of both new and old arcade games, video games, bar games and more. We’re sure we’ll see you soon.

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