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Put the “happy” back in Happy Hour.


Have you experienced the best happy hour Greensboro NC has to offer?

Happy Hour is the most magical time of day, yet one that’s often overlooked as people rush home from work to make dinner, let the dogs out and unload from a long day. Well enough is enough – we challenge you to break the routine! Instead of rushing into rush hour traffic, settling into the couch to watch Seinfeld reruns or braving the 6pm mob scene at Whole Foods, hop into your car and head over to Boxcar Bar + Arcade to see what makes us the best happy hour Greensboro NC has to offer! Here are just a few of the perks you’ll find during Happy Hour, which takes place every weekday from 4-7pm (except for Tuesdays when EVERY hour is Happy Hour) and weekends from 12-7pm:

Play for free.

Whether you’re on a budget or not, everybody loves a good deal, and Happy Hour is the time to score. Get 2 free tokens with every drink you purchase during Happy Hour, and for a limited time only, you can double that deal on the weekends by claiming our current Facebook offer!

Beat the crowds.

As with most downtown bars, we’re busiest on nights and weekends. While the energy that comes from a good crowd can sometimes be key to a fun night, there’s equal value in the lesser crowds that are typical of Happy Hour times, where you can spread out, score a good seat and enjoy some uninterrupted conversation.

Get into the game.

With more moderate crowds comes to ability to squeeze in more time on your favorite game. Whether you want a try at every classic arcade on the floor or you’re looking spend all your free tokens achieving a PR on Galaga, Happy Hour is your time to shine.

Treat your pup.

While your dogs are welcome any time of day, Happy Hour tends to be the optimal time to bring your furry friends in for a visit. A less crowded bar offers more space for your pups to spread out, take in some fresh air on the patio and find the perfect opportunity to strike a winning #BoxcarBowows pose.

Enjoy the sounds.

For those of you who want to fully engulf yourselves in the gaming experience of your childhood, game sounds can be an important factor. While the tunes are always going in the background, it’s far more likely that you’ll be able to hear all the bells and whistles from your favorite arcade games during Happy Hour.

Order in.

If free popcorn isn’t enough to fill the hunger void that settles in around dinner time, you can often find food trucks parked on site or across the street at Gibbs Hundred Brewing. For those times when food trucks aren’t available or simple won’t satisfy your sudden cravings, we encourage you to order in or pick up grub from your favorite local restaurants to enjoy with us. While outside food is welcome at all hours, it’s much more likely that you’ll find the space to spread out – even have a family style meal with your friends – during the early evening and weekend afternoon hours.

Impress your date.

We love that we’ve become such a popular date spot in Greensboro, but don’t rely solely on your mad gaming skills to impress your new date. It’s especially easy to make an impression during Happy Hour, where you can show off your budget savvy ways, have a conversation and cuddle up and conquer Jurassic Park without the lines.

Don’t take our word for it. Take the challenge and get out to Boxcar Bar + Arcade to see what makes us the best Happy Hour Greensboro NC has to offer!



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