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The Game of Games 🕹

In an effort to become (and remain) your favorite craft beer bar and gaming arcade, we put a lot of thought, time and effort into everything from craft beer selection to the state of our games. Not only do we encourage your feedback on all things bar and arcade related, but we count on your feedback to help us enhance the drinking and arcade gaming experience for all guests.

Our games are no exception to this rule. Our arcade game collection and added features are a collaboration of your feedback, the hard work of our Game Technicians and input from our team. When the DDR lines were backing up at our Greensboro bar and arcade – we brought in a second machine. You asked for more space to play our various console games in Raleigh – we constructed a dedicated console gaming corner. We try our best to bring in your most requested titles (so keep the requests comin’!), but we will always wait until we find a machine in good working condition before pulling the trigger (which, when dealing with classic titles, can take some time).

While we have a variety of new arcade game titles, the vast majority of our arcade lineup is comprised of classic titles from the 70s, 80s and 90s. As you can imagine, with vintage games comes the need for constant care and attention. Our Game Technicians play each and every machine daily to ensure all elements are functioning properly. We pull games off the floor for repair when necessary, and while it’s not always obvious, you’ll find that many of our games have replacement parts – such as new, clear and crisp screens – which enhance the gaming experience.

Even with daily testing, these vintage machines will occasionally break, need adjusting, eat tokens and so on. For that reason, you’ll find stickers on every one of our machines directing you to a short form where you can send feedback on any such issues directly to our Game Technicians. If a Game Tech is on site, quick fixes are often dealt with right away. If the issue is something as simple as lost tokens, please let us know! This is almost always a quick fix, and any one of our team members will be happy to refund lost tokens on the spot.

Another key feature you’ll find on each and every game: cup holders! Keeping beer (and other adult beverages) below the surface of the games, strategically placing hand sanitizers around the bar and cleaning our machines daily keep you from having to relive the sticky, germy arcade gaming experience of your childhood. These beer holders double as token holders, since red solo cups are often the token tote of choice.

As far as game requests go, pinball tops the list in both volume and variety. That being the case, we’ve worked to create pinball lineups at our Boxcar Bar + Arcade locations that entertain and challenge everyone from first-time players to avid, experienced gamers and we strive to bring you some of the most sought after titles. Stern’s Aerosmith Limited Edition Pinball was one such title, which we recently added at both locations, making Boxcar Bar + Arcade the only public place in the world where you can try your hand at the game (according to As with all games, we’re constantly adding to and rotating our lineup of pinball machines, so be sure to check our game menus from time to time to see which pinball games we’ve got lined up at our Raleigh and Greensboro arcade bars locations.

In short: we care about our games and your experience, and we’ll do everything we can to keep you entertained, challenged and coming back for more. Do you have input on our arcade games? We’re listening! Send your feedback on our Raleigh arcade games or our Greensboro arcade games – then come on in to get your game on!

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