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4 Winning Tips to Help You Crush Your Competition

Learn From the Best!

Nothing gets our competitive juices flowing like a good, quality tournament. To be honest, it doesn’t even really matter what kind of tournament it is: Skeeball, beer pong, air hockey, cornhole – we love them all!

We host a range of tournaments here at Boxcar Bar + Arcade every week, and we’ve picked up on some of the skills that people have that help make them superior tournament players. Here are 4 of those #winning skills that the best tournament players seem to possess:

1) Excellent Partner-Picking Abilities. Many tournaments, such as Skeeball or beer pong, require two or more participants on each team to play. The average tournament player will likely ask their friend, (or a random person standing near them while they sign-up), to play on their team. But the superior tournament players have been scouting potential teammates throughout the week (or weeks) leading up to the event. These players have a game plan, and need the perfect partner to compliment their own abilities. They know it takes two to tango, and they want to be the dancing queen.

2) Steady Hand, Steady Demeanor. It’s a given that to excel in most tournament games you need to have a steady hand and some good hand-eye coordination. But what can be just as important is having a steady demeanor? The ability to stay cool, calm and collected while opponents are heckling you and fans are cheering is an invaluable skill. After all, if you can’t remain calm, you can’t carry on… to the next round that is.

3) Mind Over Bladder. Another distraction that can take your mind off the game at hand is the ever looming presence of the bathroom break. When the clock is ticking down and you’re one point behind in the air hockey tournament, there’s no time to visit the porcelain palace! Excellent tournament players exhibit great mind over bladder – or they at least plan their bathroom breaks accordingly.

4) Killer Celebration Dance. This may not help you win more games, but it certainly makes you a crowd favorite. Never underestimate the power of a killer celebration dance.

Do you possess any (or all?) of these excellent tournament player abilities? Show us what you’re made of at the next (always-free-to-play) tournament at your local Boxcar Bar + Arcade! Stay tuned to our Raleigh, Greensboro and Durham (coming soon!) tournament pages and to your favorite social media channel for tournament announcements. Good luck, player!


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