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National Video Games Day

National Video Games Day and The Awesome Benefits of Playing Video Games There is a very special day of the year that we think more people should take the time to celebrate: That day is September 12th, National Video Games Day. Not to be confused with the singular National Video *Game* Day, which is celebrated…
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12 Fun & Weird Facts About the Classic Video Games You Love

Ahh, nostalgia. What a wonderful friend… Who doesn’t miss the days when you’d finish a “long” and “challenging” day at school, run home, hook up your favorite game system, blow into it to make it work, and then sit back to defeat the villain of the day? To help you relive some of those glory gaming…
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Greensboro’s “Secret Menu”

Whether you’re new to Boxcar Bar + Arcade in Greensboro or have already become a loyal customer, we’ll bet there’s at least one thing on this “secret menu” that’s new to you. Check out these often little-known specials and facts to get the most out of your next visit!
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The age of the adult arcade.

Why the adult arcade craze is here to stay. Flashback to the arcade experience of your childhood: the many sounds of excitement, the seemingly endless rows of arcade games and the pride you felt while watching those coveted tickets streaming from your favorite game. As this generation of arcade gamers ages into the 21st century,…
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Let’s Get Hacking

Nostalgia isn’t the only perk to retro gaming. Many of us have been playing classic arcades, pinball and Nintendo games for (quite literally) decades – and with experience, comes wisdom. Watching our customers rack up unforeseen high scores, practice perfectly timed tilts on the pinball machines and skee their way to near-900 has inspired us…
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Tips & tricks to get the most out of your visit!

Whether you’re visiting us for the first-time or you’re already a beloved Boxcar regular, we’ll bet there’s at least one thing on this list that’s new to you. Check out these sometimes little-known tid-bits to get the most out of your next visit to Boxcar Bar + Arcade in Raleigh!
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