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Which decade wins your vote for releasing the best video games of all time?

While there’s some dispute on the exact time frame of the “Golden Age of Video Games”, I think we can all agree that some of the best video games of all time were created in the late 20th century, made possible (according to Wikipedia) by the “increase in power and the decrease in cost of computing technology”. So which decade can we thank for the release of the best video games of all time? You be the judge! Below is a list of video games considered the best that were released in the 70s, 80s & 90s and still top the popularity charts today.

best video game of all time


At a time when 8-Track Tape Players, daisy dukes, disco music, puka shells & platform shoes were abundant, these classic titles were released:

  • Pong, 1972
  • Space Invaders, 1978
  • Asteroids, 1979
    • 1980s

      If you grew up in the 80s, you probably rocked your jelly shoes, mullets, leg warmers and slap bracelets while you jammed out to your Walkman and played these newly released titles at your local arcade:

      • Pac-man, 1980
      • Donkey kong & Galaga, 1981
      • Ms Pac-Man & Joust, 1982
      • Tetris, 1984
      • Super Mario Bros & Gauntlet, 1985
      • Out-Run, 1986
      • Double Dragon & Punch-Out, 1987
      • Super Mario Bros 3, 1988
      • Sim City, 1989
        • 1990s

          Video games were up against beanie babies, pogs, polly pockets & Tamagochis. Still, we can thank the 90s for the release of these classic video games that have only gotten better with time:

          • Sonic the Hedgehog & Street Fighter II, 1991
          • Mortal Kombat & Super Mario Kart, 1992
          • Mortal Kombat II & NBA Jam, 1993
          • Final Fantasy VI, 1994
          • Resident Evil, 1996
          • Tekken 3, 1997
            • So which decade wins your vote for releasing the best video games of all time? Tweet your vote to us in Raleigh (@BoxcarRAL), Greensboro (@BoxcarGSO) or Durham (@BoxcarDRM)! And be sure to check out our arcade game lineups (which include a number of these classic titles) at our Raleigh, Greensboro and Durham locations.

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