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The age of the adult arcade.

Why the adult arcade craze is here to stay.

Flashback to the arcade experience of your childhood: the many sounds of excitement, the seemingly endless rows of arcade games and the pride you felt while watching those coveted tickets streaming from your favorite game. As this generation of arcade gamers ages into the 21st century, it’s no mystery as to why the classic arcade experience has resurfaced and transformed into grown-up form, leading us into the age of the adult arcade. Although we’re partial to the concept, here are a few reasons why we think the adult arcade came back with a vengeance, and why we believe the concept is here to stay.

The adult arcade transcends generations.

Some critics argue that the arcade bar craze is a fad, given that the generations who grew up during the birth of arcades will eventually age out of the bar scene. What these critics are not considering is the social environment that corresponds with the arcade gaming scene – an environment that can be enjoyed equally in a group or as a solo experience, by the young and the old. For this and many of the reasons to follow, we politely, but confidently, disagree.

Arcade games offer good, simple fun.

Sure, there’s skill involved in racking up world record pinball scores, but if you’re just looking to have some fun, arcade games are the way to go. Which modern video games can you think of that don’t require hours (if not months) of practice to learn, or that provide the gratification of beating, or completing? Arcade games, with simple button and joystick controls, can be quickly learned by anyone – without the help of Youtube instructional videos – and are often designed simple enough to eventually win.

Cost and commitment are relatively low.

Entertainment is definitely taking center stage in today’s bar experience. This can be seen in recent trends, from Escape Rooms to bowling alley bars and beyond. However, many of these interactive bar models require a commitment and cost to a single activity that isn’t present in the adult arcade. For the cost of 1 quarter, you can play a 20 minute round on Ms Pacman – then take your next quarter to the Skeeball lanes, try a hand at Aerosmith Pinball and so on. For low costs, flexibility and enough variety to please a group – the adult arcade is your ticket.

Adult beverages fuel fun.

Craft beer is to our adult-selves what Surge was to our kid-selves. Adult beverages fuel fun, and having the option to do something besides sit at the bar is a revolution in itself. Our Boxcar Bar + Arcade locations have plenty of indoor and outdoor seating if you prefer to plant yourself for the day, but if the adult beverages begin to fuel your need to play, compete or dance – we’ve got an arcade for that.

The prizes have improved.

Forget plastic jumping frogs and glow sticks. Although we can’t speak for every adult arcade, Boxcar Bar + Arcade locations don’t have ticket systems or junk toys to reward your high scores. Instead, we host free weekly and pop-up tournaments on an ongoing basis and reward winners with gift cards, T-shirts, YETI coolers and other super sweet prizes that put to shame those junk arcade toys of your past.

There’s something for everyone.

Whether you like to challenge your mind with strategy games like Tetris, perfect your hand/eye coordination on the Foosball table or you’re just looking for a place to set your beer down and take in some tunes – the adult arcade is the answer. You’ll find something for almost everyone at your typical adult arcade bar, often including a variety of craft beers, live music and strategy, team or interactive activities.

In short, we believe that while the games might change over time, the adult arcade concept is here to stay. Whether you’re new to the city and looking to connect with some friendly faces, looking for something fun to do downtown or in search of the perfect team building activity to reward your employees – we’ve got the answer. Visit us in downtown Raleigh or Greensboro NC to see for yourself why we believe the adult arcade is here to stay!

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