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Everything You Loved About Summer Vacation in the 90s.

It’s that time of year again. School is out and parents are desperately trying to get their kids off Instagram in hopes that they’ll be able to recreate the 90s Summer Vacation experience that we’re all reminiscing about. Unfortunately for this newest generation of Summer Vacationers, it just won’t ever be quite the same. Here are some of the hella cool ways us 90s kids made the most of our Summer days..

Mixin’ it Up

Creating the perfect mix tape was no easy feat. Not only could it take all afternoon to hear your favorite song, but it required some serious diligence and attention in order to be ready to hit ‘Record’ at the exact right moment that song finally came on the radio.

Calling in to Win

Speaking of the radio, we perfected the art of calling in. With careful timing, not only could your voice be heard on the radio by thousands, but that big prize (think concert and amusement park tickets) could give you next-level status with your Summer crew.

Getting Super Soaked

When Air Conditioning wasn’t so readily available, Super Soakers, water balloons and Slip-N-Slides were all sure-fire ways of keeping cool.

Roller Skating

Before the days of Bird scooters and e-bikes, roller skating was everything. With a couple good friends and pair of skates, anything was possible.

Meeting at the Mall

When we wanted to take the fun inside, we took it straight to the mall. Sam Goody, the Discovery Channel Store, Delia’s, Imaginarium.. the possibilities were endless.

Backyard Campouts

Nothing was better than backyard campouts, where we’d pitch a tent, fire up those flashlights and take turns reading “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark”.

Dropping Coins

All birthday money, spare change and summer chore allowances went straight to the arcade. (I guess some things never change..)

Getting Wet & Wild

Whether it was your friend’s pool, the lake, beach or local water park – nothing was better than the feeling of ending a successful day spent at your local watering hole.

Blockbuster Movie Nights

And the best way to wrap up a day of water park play? A trip to Blockbuster to pick out a flick. #BeKindPleaseRewind

Spicing it Up

Rainy days were for game boys, pogs, polly pockets, Nintendo NES and perfecting the newest Spice Girls choreography with your girlfriends.

Chasing Fireflies

We could nearly measure the days by the number of Fireflies (aka “lightning bugs”) available for catching.

Sorry 2000s kids, I think we win this round.

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