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7 Last Minute, DIY, 80s Inspired Halloween Costumes

Halloween is practically here, and for us hopeless procrastinators, the costume pickings are slim. And so, to save you from tearing apart another good bed sheet, we’ve pulled together this list of 7 last minute, DIY, 80s-inspired costumes that might require a quick trip to your local thrift store, at most.

Breakfast Club

Gather all your closest procrastinators and go with this simple group costume. We bet if you dig deep in your collective closets, you can pull this together without much effort at all.

Princess Peach

A pink dress and crown alone will nearly complete the look. Make it even better with some temporary hair dye (or a wig), blue earrings and an umbrella. Who needs Mario! You’ll have saved yourself from another Halloween costume disaster. 

Let’s Get Physical

If you’re not opposed to cutting up some clothes, this one is a cinch. Start with your most colorful leggings, add a pair of gym shorts over top then complete the bottom layer with some boot socks (cut off the foot of the to transform these into homemade leg warmers). Throw on a tank and cut the neck of an old sweatshirt for the iconic off-the-shoulder look, then top it all off with a headband (a cut off t-shirt sleeve will also do the trick) and some hoop earrings.

Marty McFly

Back to the future or blast from the past? This one just takes some layering know-how. Start with the T-shirt, add your best flannel, jean jacket on top and a fleece or puffy vest to finish. Don’t forget to fold those cuffs and tuck that shirt in. 

Where’s Waldo?

All you need is a red striped shirt, red or white beanie something blue or jean to wear on the bottom. Don’t have time to find stripes? Go with a solid red or white shirt and pick up some colored Duct Tape to slap on those last minute stripes. 

Marty McFly


Procure some white and red face paint and reference this picture to transform yourself into the creepiest clown in town. Grab a red balloon from your local grocery store for an extra level of authenticity. (But please stay out of the sewers)

Alvin & The Chipmunks

This might be the simplest idea yet. All this requires is 2 willing participants, one red, one green and one blue shirt or dress. Take some Duct Tape to the red shirt to add an “A” for a job well done.

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